House of the Rising Sun

The western frontier was rugged, harsh and, often times, not too friendly for women. With few jobs available to them, other than teachers, clerks, mothers and wives, some of them chose to use their womanly charms in order to make a living.  These women, or “soiled doves”, could be seen working the saloons and bordellos throughout the American west.
Some entered this life not of their own free will but were subjected to it by family members as a means of raising much needed cash to pay for food, liquor or, in some of the worst cases, the basic necessities of life.


The House of the Rising Sun is the story of a young girl who, against her will and that of her mother, is sold by her own father to a madam adding to her stable of women offering their sexual favors to the cowboy with the right price.  Two very separate worlds collide and the young girl in our story is forced into a life not of her choosing. The results are explosive and the consequences severe.




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