“The Shotgun Wedding”

The self-described “perpetually pregnant” dance hall woman, Miss Lily Mae Scumsucker, roars on the scene with her brothers Ezekiel and Jedediah and a “reverend” to locate a daddy for her expected child. Her intended victim is usually a corporate bigwig. Just in the nick of time, her fiancée, Horace, appears on the scene and rescues the victim and carries Lily away.


“The Duel”

A lesson in the use of the gun and the old west legend of a duel. A lady from the audience is seen winking at one of the cowboys and the fight ensues. Fortunately, no one wins the lady and the duelists discover that you can get hurt doing that sort of thing. (This show can be shortened or lengthened according to time allowed.)



A cowboy, discarded by his ladylove, attempts to win her back. Told in the manner of the “old west”, Hollywood and modern times, this gives you a whole new look at how a lady’s heart is won, lost and recovered.


“Sheriff’s Dilemma”

The sheriff’s wife shows off her one-of-a-kind original hat direct from Paris. The madam appears to have the identical hat. They meet in the middle of town and, after a few seconds, neither hat remains the same. The sheriff has purchased both hats and suffers the consequences of two irate women.


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