John Henry Holliday


John Henry Holliday, dentist, gambler, gunfighter. An educated killer with a gambler’s heart and a terminal illness, “Doc” Holliday is one of the best known gunfighters of the wild west.

Doc Holliday was born to a wealthy southern family in 1851 and graduated from the Pennsylvania College of Dentistry in 1872. Holliday worked as a dentist in Atlanta but contracted tuberculosis and moved west for his health. After unsuccessful attempts at dentistry in Dallas, Holliday discovered a proficiency for gambling and gun play.

From 1875 to 1880, he bounced from town to town, usually just ahead of an angry posse, drinking, gambling and building a reputation with his six gun. Las Vegas, New Mexico Territory was one such town. Doc had won part interest in a local saloon in a card game. During his stay there, a popular soiled dove named Sally Jensen had become the object of desire for a former Army scout who wanted to take her away from her life in the saloon. After creating a disturbance and shooting up the saloon, the cowboy makes the fatal mistake of challenging John Holliday in the street outside of Doc’s saloon.

The Arizona Gunfighters recreate this historic tale with a professional costumed cast of over 30 gunfighters. 

View a video of the Doc Holliday Show at the Rockin R Ranch in 2014


"You're a Daisy if you do"

-Doc Holliday
to a dying Frank McLaury - October 26, 1881